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business-developmentIn a business climate where carbon reduction is becoming a much needed reality, new cleaner technologies can make crucial changes to the way manufacturers do business - examples include reducing environmental impact, increasing reuse as well as greater use of recycled materials and generally helping to achieve greater sustainability.  As Corporate Social Responsibility becomes more than simply words, Orrest has identified technological solutions that can make a significant contribution to participating manufacturing businesses and their drive towards a more sustainable future.

Solvent Recycling

The Eco-Dec solvent recyclers are recognised as market-leaders in this field due to the range of available sizes, their adaptability and their proven success.

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Industrial Packaging Solutions

Neorelva are manufacturers of metal and plastic packaging solutions with a positive track record accrued over 40 years.

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Colour Communication

Alongside X-Rite, market-leaders in colour communication, Orrest is leading the way in supplying solutions when colour is critical to a business.

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