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“As more and more companies outsource their supplies and services, what could be better than to know that your requirements are still in safe hands?”

Business Development Through our own experience and the support of our specialist consultants we have the ability to improve your business. Sustainable Manufacturing Solutions Orrest holds the UK distribution rights to market-leading manufacturing solutions for use in recycling, solvent regeneration, packaging and colour.

Orrest Business Solutions has the experience to manage the interface between the various partners in a business relationship, resulting in high quality delivery. An unfortunate sign of the times as companies down size is that experience is lost and the luxury of having an expert on site for every aspect of your business becomes a thing of the past. Research has shown that if outsourcing is managed effectively, the earnings before tax and interest (EBIT) improves dramatically. Concentrating your efforts on what you can realise and leaving the rest to industry experts will produce the results you require.

What Peter Davys, founder of the Orrest Group, has realised is that technical innovations can play a key role in business growth. He has identified new technology across recycling, solvent regeneration and packaging that will prove invaluable in industry in the coming years, as pressure builds on businesses to play their part in the global movement towards sustainability.