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Colour Communication

Alongside X-Rite, market-leaders in colour communication, Orrest is leading the way in supplying solutions when colour is critical to a business.

Understanding the role of colour and the crucial importance of resource efficiency in the manufacturing process makes Orrest a unique partner. Orrest brings over 30 years of practical and managerial expertise in industry not just in the final colour output but, more critically, in how colour has a knock-on effect across the selection of pigments, the specification process and the formulation and manufacturing processes. Orrest is committed to assisting your business to minimise waste and maximise profitability in your all colour processes and procedures.

Pigment Selection

This critical area is notoriously overlooked! Any manufacturing business that utilises colour must be in a position to monitor pigment usage, stock levels, waste and batch-to-batch consistency. This can include investigation into whether the pigment has been over-specified and, alternatively, is it fit for purpose?

The Specification Process

Visual assessment with the eye is unreliable. Even the physical environment that we live in and different lighting will affect how colour is assessed. Selecting the right spectrophotometers is critical to ensure the provision of precise, objective data as opposed to subjective data from human visual assessments.

The Formulation and Manufacturing Processes

From pre-mix to dispersion or grinding through to dispensing, Orrest can source and suggest through its associates the latest technologies that can improve efficiency, reduce waste and add value to the bottom line.

Colour Output

Orrest has specific experience of working with the end-user, bringing a unique viewpoint to the table as it has strong working relationships with specifiers including architects and designers. This reduces the risk in colour selection enabling you, the manufacturer, to be in full control of the expectations of the end user.

For an informal discussion on how Orrest can support your colour communication processes, call Orrest Business Solutions today.

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