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Ronseal Buy Eco Dec

ronsealJohn Wordsworth and David Bacon (pictured left) proudly commissioned the 150-litre Eco Dec solvent regenerator at their production facility in Sheffield and significant savings have already been realised since installation. The Eco-Dec solvent recyclers are recognised as market-leaders in this field due to the range of available sizes, their adaptability and their proven success.They automatically recycle residues from all aromatic and chlorous solvents in one cycle, providing the user with a pure solvent, ready for use in new applications and therefore removing the problem of waste storage and/or waste removal.

With a range of sizes to suit differing needs, the recyclers have proven themselves in a number of industries including automotive, chemical, printing and furniture manufacturing sectors.The distillation process occurs by directly heating the waste solvent through an aluminium plate fusion heater in a water cooled environment.

For further information contact Orrest: info@orrest.com

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