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business-developmentThe Orrest definition of business development is straightforward! Following an evaluation of your business we then offer a range of tools to help you realise its full potential. For SME's this may be the recommendation and implementation of procedures for business development or a cost-effective way of gaining knowledge that currently does not exist in-house.For larger or well established business, the term ‘business development' could focus on the growth of the business through strategic partnerships or on internal structural changes to accommodate growth.Whatever the circumstances, Orrest can offer key advice at the right time.

Business Planning

Taking stock at key stages is crucial to identify the needs of the business

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Project Management

A sign of strong management is knowing when current employee's capacity has been reached

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Health & Safety

Due to the complexities of the legal requirements in this area, it is often more practical to gain the insight of professionals.

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From suppliers to specialists, the key to outsourcing is to ensure that any future partner or strategic alliance is reputable and that it will enhance your business rather than the opposite.

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When a business begins to see this as a ‘cost' they could be on a very slippery slope!

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Sales Enhancement

By taking a holistic view, Orrest has the opportunity to show your Sales teams industry direction, competitor activity and the responses of your customers.

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From recommendation through to implementation, the team can support your needs, balancing legal requirements, employee expectations and budget restrictions.

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Finance & Funding

Through our links with FSA and other leading advisors, Orrest is in a position to support business start-up, growth and diversification.

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